here you can read all the information about the Independent Drawing Gig's

drawing by Linas Jablonskis

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Extra ID-Gig in Amsterdam!

*******Extra ID-Gig in Amsterdam! the last Gig in 2008*********

Jeroen Cremers is organizing, in collaboration with

Erik-Jan Ligtvoet  extra IDG nr 4 in AMSTERDAM on 22 th November!

Check out photo's here:

and this blog from Stephan van den Burg!!!

We proudly present:

The particpants are

Yane Calovski (MK)
Babette Wagenvoort
Stephan van den Burg
Maries van Osch
Linas Jablosnkis (LT)
Jeroen Cremers
Ray Bartkus (US)
Paul Faassen
Silvia Russel
Erik Jan Ligtvoet
Stefanie Scholte
Simone van Dijken
Gam Bodenhausen
Ray Moon

There are three msuic performances by
The Traveln' Tunes,
The Skills
and Chomain Vasser

Thursday, 16 October 2008

new info about Korea IDGnr 4

Independent Drawing Gig at Jinyoung Plastic Factory in Incheon, Korea.
12th Oct. 2008 - 9th Nov. 2008
Closing Party : 9th Nov. 5pm

참여작가/ Participants

권자연/ Jayeon Kwon + 척 얏숙/Chuck Yatsuk + 저스틴 랜코트/Justin Rancourt

소모뚜 + 믹스라이스/ Soemoetu + Mixrice

이주영/ Jooyoung Lee + 미눗/ Minod Moktan

WE/RECORD/US (박다함/Park Da Ham, 로보토미/LOBOTOMY as 'suburb', ew/ew)

김혜란/Hyeran Kim

파트릭 잠봉/ Patrick Jambon

프로젝트그룹ㅇㅋ/Project Group ㅇㅋ(정상현/ Jung Sang Hyun, 박진아/ Jina Park, 이재헌/ Lee Jaeheon)

한주연/Jooyeon Han

채진숙/ Che, Jinsuk

신지선/ Shin Ji-sun

조은지/ Eunji Cho

조경란/ Kyungran Cho

3 - women performance group
레이첼 베이컨/Rachel Bacon,
에릭 슈라이버/Eric schrijver
Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture
Jinyoung Plastic Factory

Contact Info

Check out The official IDG KOREA WEBsite:

Jinyoung Plastic Factory
Incheon, South Korea

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Friday Oct ober 17, 6 - 10pm IDG NR 4 NYC

Independent Drawings Gig 4
Artbreak Gallery, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Friday Oct 17, 6 - 10pm

Independent Drawings Gig 4
Independent Drawings Gig 4 is taking place simultaneously in multiple cities around the world, and we get our NYC leg here at Artbreak Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Opening Reception is next Friday Oct. 17, 6 - 10pm

Here is a list of the artists and performances to be showing.

Ray Bartkus
Ernest Concepcion
Rodney Dickson

Mike Estabrook

Jeff Gabel

Petri Hytonen
Linas Jablonskis
Vandana Jain
Vytenis Jankunas
Yoshiko Kanai
Alex Kukai
Jeffrey Lewis
Yu Matsuoka
Ieva Mediodia
Brian Montuori

Gaku Shinohara

Audrius Puipa
Monika Weiss

Tim Wood

Cocaine and Abel
"We am very excited because the band has added 5 new members and a slue of new songs, production and gear so this should be a great show.

Brian Montuori and Tim Wood have included some drawings to be showing along with 20+ great artist from around the world.

Rez and Sean of The Bubble Process have made a pretty awesome poster for the show as well, be sure to check out the high resolution link. Here is the link to the Press Release. Save the date and forward! "
And also performing:
High Teen Boogie

Monday, 13 October 2008

IDGnr. 4 Den Haag on dutch Art-blogs

drawing gig in Den Haag/the Hague on two Art-blogs:



Chmkoomen's blog

Sunday, 12 October 2008

IDGNr.4 in The Hague, Netherlands

Check out Photo's:

expo idgnr.4@234
sunday 12 th october,13:00 /19:00 uur

Prinsegracht 234, Den Haag (The Hague)
weblog: expo idg nr4 @234

Erik-Jan Ligtvoet,Stefanie Scholte and Rachel Bacon.
list of artists for the The Hague selection:

Rachel Bacon
Manon Bovenkerk
Vicente Fita
Johan Gustavsson
José den Hartog
Yuki Hatazawa
Marten Hendriks
Linas Jablonskis
Jeroen Cremers
Erik-Jan Ligtvoet
Marjolijn van der Meij
Ingrid Mol
Silvia Russel
Stefanie Scholte
Ilse Versluijs

Saturday, 11 October 2008

bring your pencils tonight to join in for IDGnr.4 at Marboe Green in Oakland California!

IDGNr.4 in Oakland, California USA

Marboe Green Gallery:
George Pfau
5532 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland 94609 (at 56th)California
October 11th: 4-9pm. IDG4 - Sentence Drawing Sentence
Show dates: October 4th - 27th, see website for gallery hours.

Friday, 10 October 2008

TONIGHT: IDG 4. Maastricht Netherlands and Istanbul in Turkey

Residence “De Mot”
Date: 10th of October
The list of participants:
Marcel de Buck
Gam Bodenhausen
Ray Moon
Brigitta van Drie
Stephane Querrec
Simone van Dijken
The Skills

curator: Simone van Dijken
check ThE sKiLLs


Dates are: 10th of October-31th of October
- this is the website of the space reserved for IDG 4.~Istanbul

Koray Kantarcıoğlu
Alina Viola Grumiller
Inci Furni


Adriana Farmiga (
Akiko Kotani (
Alina Viola Grumiller (
April Gertler (
Bjorn Hegardt (
Bora Başkan (
Ceren Oykut (
Cins (
Eda Noyan (
Erdem Ergaz
Gözde İlkin (
Gözen Atila
Güçlü Öztekin
Güneş Terkol (
İnci Furni
John Jurayj
Koray Kantarcıoğlu (
Linas Jablonskis
Mehmet Uluşahin (
Necla Rüzgar
Rachel Bacon
Tina Schneider

Friday, 3 October 2008

tonight IDG is haunting the dark hills of Skopje

In the "Ghost House" in Crnice, on the hills upon Skopje
Start: 9 pm

watch out for

Ilija Prokopiev Natasha Geleva Jeroen Cremers Zorica Zafirovska Vesna Arangelovic
Ivan Ivanovski Goran Sidzimovski Ivana Sidzimovska Jovan Petrusevski Marija Sotirovska
Ivan Petrusevski Ana Dimievska Kristina Hadzieva